Supporting Your Child’s Development

With our expert team of therapists, modern facilities, and state of the art technology, Gateway is Michigan’s premier center for ABA therapy, providing services of the highest level to all the children in our care. We offer best-in-class treatment and intervention services, conducted at our remarkable clinics or in the convenience of your home. We realize that each client is unique and our clinical team works on an individualized, case-by-case basis to ensure the best treatment options for your child.


Christina Vestevich, M.A., BCBA


Gateway Pediatric Therapy is a proud partner of the Western Michigan University Graduate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis. Gateway serves as a practicum site for supervision, development and training of the Western graduate students in their pursuit of becoming Board Certified Behavior Analysts. WMU is noted for having one of the finest Applied Behavior Analysis graduate programs in the country, and at present, Gateway is currently host to several WMU graduate practicum students and future BCBAs.


Evidence Based, Proven Effective

ABA is a science, a way of thinking, and an approach to problem solving and skill development. Consistent application of ABA therapy has helped our clients acquire a variety of new skills, including academic, self-care, daily living, language development, and play and social skills. ABA therapy, as provided by a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst, is considered the single greatest means by which an individual can overcome the challenges of an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.

Learn & Play With Us

At Gateway, we utilize the latest technology at every turn to maximize each child’s development. This includes the use of iPads customized with a variety of apps designed specifically for children on the spectrum and hand-selected with each individual client in mind. We provide some of the most sensitive ABA therapy Michigan has to offer. Contact us today.