Our Autism Centers in Michigan

The Gateway clinical facilities were built with a singular vision of delivering an experience for our families and children that was second to none.

The Gateway Experience

As the premier center for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities, we offer over 35,000-square feet of fully-customized treatment space. Our main office in Bingham Farms features more than 40 individualized treatment rooms, each equipped with high definition (HD) televisions and access to Wi-Fi, and six larger play and socialization areas.

Our Macomb and Dearborn locations were modeled after Bingham Farms and include the same amenities and best-in-class technology that our clients have come to expect. The Macomb clinic has 12,500-square feet of treatment space with 30 private therapy rooms to serve up to 45 clients. Dearborn has 9,000-square feet of treatment space with 20 private therapy rooms to serve 35 clients.


Gateway’s commitment to excellence is not merely reflected in our facilities; it permeates everything that we do and applies, above all, to the standard of care we offer our clients. Our staff of nearly 200 employees at three different locations provides first-class assessment, treatment and intervention services, which can be conducted at our incredible clinics or in the convenience of your own home. At Gateway, we employ only the most qualified therapists with experience in treating a wide range of issues. Drawing on the diverse expertise of our clinical team, we will assemble a team of therapists that is ideally suited to meeting your child’s needs.

While we are very proud of the clinical environments we have developed, we fully understand time commitments and the variations in our families’ schedules. With this in mind, Gateway offers ABA therapy both in our patient’s homes, or at our clinic. Our staff is happy to work around your schedule in order to deliver the most effective and efficient levels of therapy possible.

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